Amazing smallness, excellent cost-effiectiveness

10 DoF Inertia Mesurement Unit with GPS

NinjaScan is an ultra-small motion logger. which obtains 3-axis acceleration, 3-axis angular speed, 3-axis magnetic force, postion, velocity, pressure, and temperature.

NinjaScan projet leader is @fenrir.NinjaScan is Open Source Hardware. License is Creative Commons(Hardware) + New BSD(embedded software).

The NinjaScan GUI can be used to view real-time sensor data and export data(csv format) to user software e.g. Microsoft Excel. NinjaScan GUI is Open Sorce software made by @ina111.


10 DoF IMU with GPS logger.It can be telemetry device because.It is the standard type of NinjaScan seriese.(abailable for sale online)


The world smallest 10 DoF IMU with GPS logger.It is the smallest type of NinjaScan.(abailable for sale online)


10 DoF IMU with GPS logger. It can hight precious positon measurement using Kalman filter algorism which is called GPS/INS.(under development)

NinjaScan GUI

Real-time 2D and 3D data graphics and Data logger and file converter for exporting data software.

NinjaScan LogViewer

This software can output high quality graph of the measured data.



On-board sensors

Data rate

  • accelemeter, gyroscope: 10ms (100Hz)
  • magnetrometer : 640ms (2Hz~)
  • pressure: 320ms (~3Hz)
  • GPS: 200ms (5Hz)


  • USB
  • Micro SD card
  • GPS anntena(U.FL connector)

NinjaScan-Light Profile

  • dimensions: 26 x 36mm
  • size: 37 x 36mm
  • weight: 9g
  • weight: 13g(include plastic housing, and not include battery)

NinjaScan-Slim Profile

  • dimensions: 15 x 38mm
  • weight: 7g(not include battery)

Auxiliary port

  • Digital I/O
  • UART/I2C/SPI bus

Power options

  • LiPo 1 cell(1S:3.7V)
  • USB supply
  • Extrnal source
  • when simultaneous connection USB supply and LiPo, LiPo is charged


  • Data convert(binary→ASCII)
  • Save real-time data in PC
  • Real-time 2D graph output
  • Output high quality graph

with Wireless communication module

NinjaScan-Light can connect with wireless communication module easily i.e. XBee.NinjaScan-Light bocome telemetry device

with Rapsberry Pi

NinjaScan can easily connect with Rapsberry Pi which is small Linux board.

with PC

Real-time plot, and data convert

*Noshiro Space Event *Akita Univ. *Japan Science and Technology Agency *Hokkaido Univ. *Nagoya Univ. *Hiroshima Institute of Technology *Nihon Univ. *Yamanashi Univ. *Kanagawa Univ. *HONDA *a few Hevy Industry companies *several Electric companies

NinjaScan-Light User Manual.pdf [English]

NinjaScan-Light User Manual.pdf [Japanese]

NinjaScan GUI + general files

NinjaScan LOG Viewer

Google Code

fenrir-naru/ninja-scan-light | Github

ina111/NinjaScan_GUI | Github

firmware[hex file]